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a computer isn’t just a convenience, it’s very nearly a necessity. Computers have become a household thing, when just ten or fifteen years ago, they weren’t part of many people’s household. The personal computer can be a real tool to survive, permitting you to do your banking on the internet, apply for unemployment, read the latest world news, or even meet a new friend. The internet has become part of our day to day lives in many cases.

Computers have gone from being room sized things that were only owned by companies to being small and relatively easy to buy and easy to use fixtures in most homes.

The rapid growth of the computer as a home tool has some of us scratching our head because we can’t use it properly, while others take it for granted and view it as some kind of new and improved blender-like appliance, and we can’t figure out why it’s not doing the job it should be doing.

What if you are new to computing? What is you’re in the “lost generation” of people, who are aged 45-65, who weren’t raised with computers, but now find themselves in the position of needing to use one?

Do It Yourself Computing is for the newcomer to computers, younger or older, but also for the more experienced user who wants to learn a few new tricks or check out the latest software or hardware popping up.

While these electronic marvels can be a great boon, or a great big pain in the neck, they deserve to be in every home, but they are definitely a bit more complex than your average toaster. Do It Yourself Computing can help you to deal with your PC intelligently.

Most of us can’t afford, or don’t want to spend what it takes to fix our mistakes or build our new home on the web. Do It Yourself Computing shows you how to … well… to .. do it yourself.

Getting the most out of your computer is not all that difficult and isn’t beyond the capacity of anyone, even if you’re 75 and plugging it in for the first time.

From the basics of computers and computing, to little tricks that will make life easier, to security tips, to a review of that new keyboard on the market, Do It Yourself Computing offers a little bit of everything.

Ask a question, or offer an answer to a new user, using the comments section, and check out the forums to interact with other users who might have the same problems you do. Do It Yourself computing is less expensive, and in the end, just a lot more fun.